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Best Tips For Healthy Dating

Posted: March 31, 2014 in Uncategorized

Best Tips For Healthy Dating with Jefferson Bethke: Check it out for some helpful advice that is practical and deals with the heart.


It is so easy in ministry when you are counseling someone, preparing a lesson, crafting a sermon, or doing one on one discipleship for your essential message being sent to be “all you need to do is try harder, dig deeper, be more committed, etc.” When we point people to the demands of Scripture without showing them that God provides what He demands through the gospel of Christ, we are teaching, preaching, and counseling moralism. In this article, Cameron Cole explains. Check it out at

There is nothing that shows someone really cares about you like not being acknowledged when you say hello because they are staring at a screen. If you are someone who regularly is around teenagers (or adults anymore), you have experienced this. In this article, we see an explanation as to why teens compulsively use social media and what is going on in the heart of someone who does this. It’s worth a look:

God’s Not Dead

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Tomorrow we will take a group from our youth group to see the movie “God’s Not Dead.” The movie appears to be a story of a college student battling an atheist professor in the classroom over the legitimacy of their differing worldviews. I’m interested to see the movie and have hopes that it will be a faithful and strong defense of the Christian faith. I plan to write some reflections next week about the movie. For now, check out the trailer.

Freshmen philosophy courses abound with conversations about religious pluralism (if not atheism). Religious pluralism is the idea that all religions are leading to the same higher power and salvation. In an effort to soften the radical claims of exclusive religious truth claims, pluralism says there are many ways to God and dulls the distinctions between different faiths that claim to be the only way. This worldview is popular and more than likely we will all encounter folks who hold to it, a form of universalism at its extreme. This article explains one (of many) significant issues with this worldview: the fact that if all religions are true and there are many ways to God that makes God cruel. Check it out at:


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This video reminds us of the lostness of the lost and the inaccessibility of the gospel to much of our world.

<p><a href=”″>Lost</a&gt; from <a href=””>HistoryMakers</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Having little kids who are constantly pushing the envelope and testing their boundaries, there are a lot of discussions and consequences being handed out on a daily basis in our home. One thing that I have found is that disciplining my children isn’t hard to do, but doing it in a way where I am giving them the gospel and hope requires extra effort and forethought. Here is an article about some ways to do just that when our kids sin. Check it out at