Talking About Hard Things With Our Kids

Posted: April 21, 2014 in Uncategorized

My wife and I regularly have conversations about how to talk with our oldest daughter about difficult things. We live right across from a cemetery and daddy is always going to funerals and Bible passages constantly speak of the wages of sin being death, and death is a hard thing for a little girl to understand. What do you do when your little girl tells you they don’t want to die because you are teaching them the Bible which speaks of it so often? How do you speak to your children about people in your family or neighborhood or in their class about people who are living lifestyles that clearly go against what God’s word says?

This ongoing discussion within our home makes this article very helpful. In speaking about God’s creation, the falleness of our world (and ourselves), and the restoration and recreation that comes through Christ, we are given a paradigm to speak into these things with confidence. It is amazing that the storyline of Scripture can speak into the specific details of our lives in such concrete ways. Check it out at:


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