5 Signs Your Child Is Not Saved

Posted: May 16, 2014 in Uncategorized

What a depressing blog title, right?

I have been speaking on Wednesday nights about “Idols of the Heart” in our last spring series for the year in 180 Student Ministry. One of the things we’ve talked about recently was that our posture towards sin in our lives reveals where our heart is and whether we truly are saved. God’s word tells us that those who are born again are filled with the Spirit and are given new appetites and desires that are greater than the desires we had for the things of the world and the sin we have settled for in the past. When there is sin in our lives and we don’t care and show apathy about it, begin denying that it is sin, or see that we love it more than God, we are in a dangerous place. We are called to plant our flag in the ground that we are for God and therefore against our sin. This is what repentance is and God’s word consistently shows us that those whom God saves (justifies) He always, always, always sanctifies (grows in Christ likeness). As we’ve been thinking through this issue in the youth group, I came across this blog written by a father with some helpful signs that your child is not truly saved.

While calling upon the name of the Lord, crying out to God through prayer, and responding to a gospel call in the past are all important and right, we as believers and as parents must do due diligence in not trusting that a decision in the past alone is what saves. We are saved by placing our faith in the work of Christ on our behalf and there is no other way of salvation. But those who are truly born again will live transformed lives that slowly but surely grow to be more like Christ. The Spirit of God doesn’t lead us into worldly lifestyles and worldviews, but to repentance and renewed minds. The Spirit of God does not lead us to love our sin, but to hate it and fight against it. As we think through the touchy topic of whether or not our child (or we ourselves) are truly saved, this father’s blog post has some helpful diagnostic questions backed up by Scripture that give guidance. I hope you find it helpful. Check it out at: http://responsiblefather.com/2014/05/05/5-signs-your-child-is-not-saved/


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