Children Aren’t Looking For Perfect Parents

Posted: May 16, 2014 in Uncategorized

As a parent I am constantly wondering what in the world I am doing and if I am leading my young children well. My greatest desire is that my children will love the Lord and I want to be available to be used by the Lord in that venture. Even though I know God’s grace is sufficient, Christ’s blood has atoned for my sin, and God’s Spirit is working in my life, as a parent there is a constant low level guilt of thinking I need to do more, say more, and serve more. Whether it’s questioning how we are disciplining, wrestling with difficult toddler theological questions, or seeing a lack of fruit of what we are trying to do, that low level guilt nags at my soul and leaves me wondering if my faults and failures will ruin their spiritual lives or keep them from being what God has called them to. In the midst of that battle, this article by Joel Beeke is a breath of fresh air. In pointing us to the gospel, calling us to live out and not just talk about our faith, and reminding us of the remarkable forgiveness of our children, the reader is given a challenge and an encouragement to keep running the race. Here’s a quote:

“Children are not looking for perfect parents, and they are remarkably forgiving. They have an uncanny way of knowing who their parents are and what they stand for. It is hard to keep secrets from anyone when we live under the same roof. Children are always reading the books of our lives. Besides the Bible, the way we live our faith from day to day is the most important book our children will ever read.”

You can check out the whole article here:


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