The Church Needs More Tattoos

Posted: May 16, 2014 in Uncategorized

What? Some of you are confused by a blog title that seems to go against the sentiments you have been raised in and around. And yet, in our desire to be “in the world but not of the world,” our traditions and biases have often have led us to be so against those not like us that we prevent ourselves from being able to minister the gospel to them. If someone came into our church and was another race, living another lifestyle, was of a different socio-economic status, wore different types of clothes, had a storied past, and maybe even had a little ink on their skin, would you feel excited that they were coming to sit under the word of God and hopeful that God’s redeeming grace would be showered upon them? Or would you feel threatened and uncomfortable as you prefer they stay away from the holy huddle you are accustomed to?

The truth is, the gospel of Jesus Christ is an offensive message. It is offensive because it cuts the legs out from under the self sufficient, independent, do it my way attitude that pervades our culture and our hearts. The gospel is good news of salvation only because of our inability save ourselves, and in our “pick yourself up by your own bootstraps” world, that message is a cause of offense. We are not called to change the gospel because it is offensive, but we should strive to let the gospel and its implications¬†alone be offensive to a lost and watching world. When our preferences and comfort are the idols ruling our hearts, our churches look more like country clubs and social clubs then like hospitals for sick people.

I love Russell Moore. He was the dean at my seminary and is now the president of the Ethics of Religious Liberty Commission for the Southern Baptist Convention (yes we have one of those and it does mean something). He gives leadership to helping Southern Baptist think about ethical issues in our country and world from a biblical and theological perspective. I have so much confidence in him leading this charge for our convention and I love the article he put out last week on why the church needs more tattoos. It might challenge your thinking and maybe will give you a fresh perspective, but it will definitely be worth a read.

Check it out here:


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