Are Your Children Grateful For Your Authority?

Posted: May 28, 2014 in Uncategorized

Because we have a sweet 3 year old chatterbox, my wife and I have daily opportunities to c.orrect sinful behavior, words, and heart issues. Our key goal as parents at this stage in her life is to teach her that God has given her parents authority over her that she is called to submit to. She needs to understand that in not submitting to her parents, she is not submitting to God because we have a delegated authority from Him. The way this plays itself out in our home is that when she disobeys (defined by us as not doing as we say “the first time with no whine”) we have daily conversations about “who is the boss?”

We in no way want our parenting to be primarily about behavior modification so that we raise children who do the right things only when we are watching or when it benefits them. We want to aim for their hearts, put before them God’s law which will expose their inability to keep it, and prayerfully give them a desperation for the grace of God. We try to teach through disciplining her both justice and grace and relate it to God. We try to teach her God’s word and have her learn stories in the Bible as well as memorize verses. Our prayer is that as we faithfully put kindling around her little heart, that God will move and ignite it and she will be born again.

But for now, our biggest and most important battle is her learning that she has a God given authority in her parents that she must submit to. That is something I convictionally believe is necessary for her to learn, but extremely difficult to implement. We want our daughter to see our authority and be grateful for it instead of chaffing against it. And that, at least in part, is up to how we exercise that authority.

I found this article on this topic very helpful and challenging, especially the 2nd point he brings out. Check it out at:


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