Faith-Hacking: Your Kid’s Screen Time

Posted: September 7, 2014 in Uncategorized

We live in a generation that is unlike any other in some ways. One of those ways is technology. I can’t go anywhere without seeing youth and even children with ipads, iphones, and all sorts of portable devices to play games, watch movies, and all sorts of other things. My intention in this post isn’t to critique that this is happening, but to provide a resource for parents on thinking through this. Hopefully you would agree that there needs to be some limit to the screen time our children have. Surely it’s not good for our kids, our home, or our faith to spend limitless hours staring at a screen in an alternate universe. So what are some ways you can limit this without being overly legalistic or requiring your family to completely disconnect from the world?

Tim Challies is a blogger I follow regularly and he is doing a series called “Faith Hacks.” The article below provides some helpful suggestions on the issue of limiting screen time. It is worth a look!

Managing Your Kids Screen TIme


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