Faith-Hacking: Individually Shepherding Your Children

Posted: September 15, 2014 in Uncategorized

Scripture tells us that parents are to be the primary disciple makers of their children. We are to speak about God and His promises daily with our children and create a culture in our home where God is at the center. But in addition to this, it is necessary to individually shepherd your children so that you can be there for each of them in a unique way. This can be difficult to do with our busy lives. Multiple times a week we try to do family worship where we read a Bible story, talk about it, and pray together. But this is a group activity. One thing I try to do is to take my little girls out on dates every week or two so they can have some special time with daddy all alone. If I’m honest, they usually are more excited about the ice cream or cookie they get than hanging out with dad. But I try to talk with them at their level and let them know they are special to me and I’m there for them in addition to trying to talk to them about God and the gospel. They are too young at this point to really understand a lot of what I say, but we are trying to create a culture where both Kellie and I spend individual time with them now so when they are older this will be normal and we can have more significant discussions. There are lots of ways for us to do something like this and what works for some might not work for others.

In this article, we see another idea for how to individually shepherd your children. Check it out by following the link: Individually Shepherding Your Children


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