An Open Letter to Parents

Posted: September 24, 2014 in Uncategorized

This is a repost from last year, but it presents some challenging questions that force us as parents and students to look at our schedules, commitments, and priorities.

I remember in middle and high school (and really elementary too) the demands my extracurricular activities placed on my time. For me they consisted primarily of school and sports. I was forced into the former and lived for the latter. I also was raised attending church. Anytime that my extracurricular activities conflicted with being at a church related activity, Bible study, or summer camp, the extracurricular activity won the day. Too much homework? Church was negotiable. Have a game or a practice? Church was negotiable. Hunting or lake season? Church was negotiable. This was the culture in our home, although the overwhelming majority of the time these conflicts didn’t occur and my parents had us faithfully attend.

With that being my personal experience and now watching scores of students (and adults for that matter) who are stretched thin and over-committed and who say with their parents that they want to be at church, but….(fill in the blank with whatever takes precedence), I appreciate this article I came across this week. Do I agree with everything he says? No. Do we need to show grace? Absolutely. Is this too judgmental and condemning? Debatable. But the question we need to ask as parents and students and church members is why we think this is too harsh? Is it because it’s mean spirited and condemning or is it because it’s true and the truth hurts when we’re trying to justify our actions? If God is real and eternity is forever and this life is a vapor, what could possibly be more important than making Him and our faith and our church community priorities in our lives that take precedence over temporary things that are here today and gone tomorrow?

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