The One on Halloween

Posted: October 31, 2014 in Uncategorized

My wife and I have yearly debates about Halloween. We agree we don’t want to mess with Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny because those distract from the true purpose we celebrate those holidays for. But Halloween is different. One of us is more for it while the other leans against participating in it. We’ve heard the arguments that “this is the devil’s holiday” and Christians shouldn’t participate or they are supporting paganism and witchcraft. Instead, the theory seems to go that we should keep our lights off and seclude ourselves from the community and our neighbors even though this is the only time they come door to door to our houses. We’ve heard the arguments that you should celebrate Reformation Day by dressing your kids up like Martin Luther and so forth. That’s cool I guess and I’m all about the Reformation, but we’re not going to do that. We’ve also seen Christians who participate in the holiday in ways that could be defined as “worldly” and seem to throw their convictions out the window every October 31 which doesn’t seem like a legit option.

So where have we landed? The last two years, we have spent a little money and passed out candy with our kids, trying to teach our young children that this is a way to love our neighbors. We don’t trick or treat, but we let them dress up in things we already have (usually thrown together on the day of) and let them eat a few pieces of candy (rare in our home). We let them paint some pumpkins (and their bodies) with finger paint. And then we move on.

Christians might have different convictions on Halloween and there is rightly freedom to do so, but here are 8 guidelines for what I think the Christian should and shouldn’t do on Halloween each year (these are not inspired by God!).

  1. Don’t be the person who condemns everybody who lets their kids trick-or-treat. They’re not doing it to worship Satan, they are making memories. If this is you, chill out.
  2. Don’t miss an opportunity to love your neighbors while you seclude yourselves from the world you are called to win for Christ.
  3. Don’t give kids a gospel track without giving them candy. If you’re going to do that, just leave your lights off.
  4. If you hand out gospel tracks, don’t hand out cheap candy. Get the good stuff.
  5. If you are a Christian parent, use discernment in what you let your kid dress up as. I know they look precious in their horror film outfit, but seriously? If they are dressed as someone who is dead or has recently been the star in a slasher film, we probably need to talk about finding some better role models for your kids.
  6. If you are the parent of a female, please don’t use Halloween as an opportunity to drop the modesty rule and show everybody what she’s working with. I know it’s hard to find a costume as they get older that’s not supposed to be a sexier version of the children costumes. Life is hard, be creative (and modest).
  7. And while we’re at it, teenagers, you are too old to go trick-or-treating. I’ve only got so much candy to give out and your time has passed. Get a job and go buy some candy yourself and stop dressing up in scary costumes to try to scare little kids. And while we’re on teenagers and little kids: on all the other days of the year when public parks are open with playground equipment that has appropriate ages posted for who should and should not be playing, please read and adhere to the signs. I know it’s cool to hang at the park with your friends, but get off the playground equipment when my 3 year old wants to slide. Yield to the kids. It was built for them. I digress…
  8. And while we’re on the topic of age and modesty: Adult Christian, you are way too old for this. Sure, dress up at work if you have a themed day or if you’re going to pass out candy, feel free to have fun. But remember you are Christian who is supposed to represent Christ with what you wear and how you act. To the ladies in particular: put some clothes on. The only time you should be a “sexy (fill in the blank with your costume)” is with your husband. Not on social media for the world to see. You’re not attracting the right attention if this is you.

For those of you who live in communities that celebrate Halloween on the actual day or weekend instead of a week in advance, Have a Happy Halloween!


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