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Canaanite Genocide

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Last Wednesday night I attempted to give some guidance on how to think through the ethical and theological implications of God commanding his people to go into the land of Canaan and take over, destroying all of the inhabitants. This is an issue that the new atheists and many skeptics will bring to light in arguing that if God is real, He is not good. I think, as I argued, that there are answers to these questions that are fair and legitimate and that flow out of a biblical worldview with biblical assumptions about God and mankind. You can check out what I said in the “Resources” tab under “Collide 180” or you can check out a discussion here by some of the faculty at Dallas Theological Seminary on the topic. It is 40 minutes long but you can skim through the topics discussed and go straight to them if you’re interested. Check it out at:


Recently I heard a sermon with an unofficial stat that 95% of Baptist believers don’t every share their faith. I then used that unofficial stat in a sermon of my own. Whether the stat is accurate or not (it’s probably not as most stats aren’t) doesn’t really matter. What matters is that it is obvious to all that there are way too many people who profess to be disciples of Jesus but aren’t disciple makers. That’s why everyone feels condemned during evangelism sermons. There are a lot of reasons we struggle with evangelism and try to make it much more complicated than it really is. But really it is simple as this: Talk about Jesus with people who need Jesus. It doesn’t have to be a program. You don’t have to stalk people looking for the perfect opportunity. You don’t have to have all the answers to every objection. And you don’t have to worry about the results because they aren’t up to you.

I appreciate this article by Matt Smethhurst (who was my peer in seminary) about the fact that evangelism isn’t as complicated as we make it. I would encourage you to check it out if you like me fall into this:

A Few Thoughts on Dating

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There are some topics that lots of Christian folk disagree on. One of these is dating. Is dating biblical? Or is courtship? How young can you pursue marriage? And should you even be pursuing marriage or are you just learning what you do and don’t like? Is casual dating practice for divorce? How far is too far physically? Do I have to ask permission of her father? What if her family is unbelievers? How spiritually mature should they be? Etc, etc, etc. I have thoughts on this topic but see a lot of both legalism and foolishness in both parents and their students when it comes to the topics of dating. If you’re a part of this conversation and have an opinion or are trying to work through what the best option is, Jon Nielson has some thoughts that you would probably benefit from on his blog. Check it out at:

Jesus Is Alive

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What is unique about Christianity? Our Savior is alive and the grave has been conquered. Shai Linne is a rapper I enjoy occasionally because he is able to mix the genre of hip hop with rich theological lyrics. Check it out:

<p><a href=”″>Jesus is alive (Shai Linne, from The Atonement album)</a> from <a href=””>Alan Witchalls</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

7 Lies About Homeschoolers

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We’re going to homeschool in the future. I’ve been converted because I used to make fun of homeschoolers. If you’ve thought something negative about homeschoolers, I’ve probably said it to a homeschooler publicly.

This video seeks to debunk lies about homeschoolers and it’s pretty funny.

There are times when one (or all) of my children will annoy me. Typically this scenario plays out when I am making rest and relaxation an idol and it is taken away from me by a whining little girl who is fussing about everything. Occasionally it plays out when I tell one of my kids to “stop doing ________!” for the 1000th time. I think to myself of how astounding it is that this hasn’t stuck in their head yet after me telling them over and over and over!

And then God reminds me that He does the same thing with me. All day every day. Seeing the neediness and rebellion and selfishness of my children has forced me to look in the mirror almost daily and remember that I’m no different. When I get so angry over little things my kids do that are getting under my skin, it reminds me of the grace of God that He has shown to me, an undeserving sinner.

I believe that becoming a parent has been one of the most sanctifying things in my life. Just as I didn’t realize how selfish I was until I had to share space with my wife when we got married, I didn’t realize how rebellious I was until I look into the eyes of my toddler telling me know or doing what I’ve told them not to again and being in need of discipline.

I believe that being a parent teaches us to be better children of God and this article explains some of the ways this is true:

If you’re a parent you have felt it. That uneasy feeling when your child does something inappropriate or out of control or defiant in public. That feeling when you know everyone in the room is looking at you, the parent of this hot mess on display, who clearly have failed at parenting. Have you experienced the meltdown in the store, restaurant, or church? When it starts to happen what do you think? It’s moments like these where as Christian parents we need to check our hearts that love to worship the idol of the approval of others. Our role as parents is not to make ourselves look good and pretend we have it all together, but it is to love our kids by teaching them and correcting them.

This article calls us to remember these truths and I would encourage you to check it out: