Cecil Grainger


Cecil works with our middle school guys. Here’s some info to help you know him better.

Testimony:  I walked the aisle at 5 yrs. old because I wanted to go to heaven.  When I was a teenager, from time to time I would have doubts about my salvation but in the end I would always go back to the decision I made as a child.  After I matured I realized that it was much more than walking the aisle and saying a prayer.  It was about a commitment and relationship with Christ.  I finally realized that at age 5, I didn’t understand all of that and I couldn’t remember the details surrounding my “conversion”.  So after I had been married a couple of years, I starting discussing my concerns with my wife but still wasn’t satisfied.  After that, I talked with my dad and he told me that there is only way to be sure.  So after thinking about what my dad said for the rest of the week and praying about it, I agreed.  So the next Sunday, I swallowed my pride, because I had been a church member my whole life, and walked down the aisle, prayed with my pastor and accepted Christ as my Savior.  I haven’t had a doubt about my salvation since.

Why I love students:  Because I feel like a student myself.  Students are a lot more fun to be around than most adults.  I like to joke around and have fun and that helps me to relate to students quite well.
How long have I helped with the Youth:  At FBC Ft. Meade, I’ve helped for about 10 years.  Before that I worked with youth for about 5-6 years at our previous church.
Hobbies:  Fishing, Hunting, Canoeing, Backpacking/Hiking/Camping, any outdoor adventures.
Coolest places I’ve been:  Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming,  Backpacking the Appalachian Trail with all of its natural beauty, and the Mayan Ruins in Belize.
Favorite Candy:  Snickers Bar, especially a free one.

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