Lea Treen



Lea works with our middle school girls.

Testimony: My parents were divorced when I was 2 years old. My Grandmother took care of me & was a large influence in my life. She loved Jesus. Took me to church & invested the gospel in my life. I was saved at 7 years old during a VBS. I continued going to church until I was 13 years old when something horrible happened with my Mom & I. I was very mad at God then, told Him I could not do this anymore. I married young & had children right out of high school, and dabbled in church through my 20’s. I started going to a wonderful church when I was 30 & understood the full gospel as an adult & began an intense, personal relationship with Jesus Christ. After 2 years, I asked God where I could best serve Him and he gave me an opportunity to begin serving with high school girls.

Why I love students: God gave me the privilege of working with girls in our youth group and my passion is to help them understand they can have a deep, wonderful, personal, intimate relationship with JESUS. If that  helps one young lady not to make the poor choices I had made &  see the best plan God had for their life, then all my troubles & trials would be worth it.

How long I’ve served in youth ministry: I worked with high school girls for 10-12 years. I moved to Fort Meade in 2012 & began helping in the youth group at 1st Baptist Fort Meade in the middle school girls. If  I can help lead them to see how much Jesus Loves them & wants a deep, personal relationship with them, that is my greatest desire.

Hobbies: I have been married to my husband almost 27 years. We enjoy riding our Harley Davidson motorcycles together & spending time with our 5 grand children.

The coolest places I’ve been: To Israel overseas & Alaska in the USA.

Favorite Candy: I’m not a fan of candy much, but once a year I crave a Heath toffee bar.


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