Lesha Hall


Testimony: I was saved at the age of 9 at a Billy Graham Crusade in California were we had moved temporally from Texas for my Dad’s job.  My Dad was a deacon at the church we attended and we closed church on a Wed. night and went to the crusade.  My Dad was one of the deacons who had voted “no” to closing the church on a Wed. night.  My Dad felt we could attend as a church another night of the week….praise the Lord he did not get upset that his vote was not the majority and went ahead and took his family that Wed. night.  His oldest daughter was saved!  Billy Graham preached a simple message of faith about the Rich man and the Poor man and how the Rich man went to hell and the Poor man to Heaven….I ran down the aisle with hundreds of people with my parents chasing behind me.  A college student shared with me and I prayed the prayer of salvation. The next day I shared what had happened with my best friend and her parents led her to the Lord before the weekend was over.   We were baptized on Sunday night!   God has never left me and I continue to serve Him Daily!!  I do choose to do things my way at times, however I know that all I have to do is ask His forgiveness and He forgets and forgives.  My life feels like a roller coaster ride at times, however I know who holds my future and who holds my hand.  When my Dad went to heaven 7 years ago my walk with the Lord got even closer.  My Heavenly Father will NEVER leave me and I want everyone to have the same assurance of Heaven that I do.  I continue to serve Him Daily because of ALL He has done for me! I truly believe you can NEVER out give the Lord!!   Praise the Lord Heaven awaits one day!!!

Why do you love students? I have been serving the middle school/youth at FBC for 30 years.  I continue because I love to watch the young people, learn and mature in their walk with the Lord.  The youth of today need to know that they are loved unconditionally and that they can share their hearts cry! When you get a call and they need your listening ear you know you are doing what God wants.  Young people have learned they can trust me and I love to be that listening ear for them.  With the Lords help I work to draw them closer to the Lord and to their parents through good and bad situations.  It has been a joy to watch as many have turned into successful Godly teachers, athletes, business people, preachers, parents etc… the investment of my time is worth it!!

Hobbies: Art is at the center of my God given talent and is the most used hobby for me.  I love to decorate with old and new pieces.  As well as accessorize so in turn I love to shop!  I do love to sing and was the Children’s choir director for years. The radio and me have a sweet love affair!!

Coolest place I have ever been:  Holland.  I love tulips and it was my husbands and my 1st major trip alone without children!  Also getting to see the Mona Lisa at the Louvre in Paris was an artists dream… I even had one of my private art students with me on that trip! ( Chorus trip for FMHS to Europe)  In London England the crown jewels were breath taking!!

Favorite candy: Hot Tamales and Snickers


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