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If you’re a parent you have felt it. That uneasy feeling when your child does something inappropriate or out of control or defiant in public. That feeling when you know everyone in the room is looking at you, the parent of this hot mess on display, who clearly have failed at parenting. Have you experienced the meltdown in the store, restaurant, or church? When it starts to happen what do you think? It’s moments like these where as Christian parents we need to check our hearts that love to worship the idol of the approval of others. Our role as parents is not to make ourselves look good and pretend we have it all together, but it is to love our kids by teaching them and correcting them.

This article calls us to remember these truths and I would encourage you to check it out:


The success of youth ministry can’t be determined in the here and now but 10 years down the road. Ten years from now, how many students in our ministry will still be in the faith, committed to the local church, making disciples, and taking the gospel into every sphere of their lives? How that question is answered will determine whether the gospel ministry we are doing now is really making an impact. With this perception, parents and those who work with youth need to be preparing their students for significant moments of difficulty that could come during that span. The article below by Cameron Cole addresses four of these situations. Are you preparing your children or the students you are leading for these?

Four Moments I’m Preparing Students to Face

When I was in seminary I had a class called Family Ministry where my professor, Randy Stinson, shared a ton of stories about him raising his kids and seeking to shepherd their hearts and prepare them for adulthood. One of the keys he emphasized was the importance of the biblical command from Deuteronomy 6 that parents be the primary disciple makers of their families. In church culture today, we often drop our kids off for the professionals to take care of their spiritual lives and don’t take seriously our call as parents to be cultivating their spiritual lives in our homes. A lot of times, we do this because that is what was normal for us growing up and we don’t even have categories for discipling our children and even if we did, we wouldn’t know where to start. One of the things that my professor told us about was having a family mission statement. Yes, I know, I never had one either and had no idea what that meant. But after hearing him talk through the importance of this, I decided my family and I should consider making one. Our girls are not yet old enough to really appreciate or understand what it is all about, but those are conversations I look forward to having in time.

Here is an article I came across today from J.D. Greear, a pastor in North Carolina, on what a family mission statement is and how to write one. It might be something worth checking out.